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Do you have a question about your mailed subscription, or general questions about your account? You might find the answer below. Please contact us if you have a question that cannot be located on this page. 


Print & Digital Subscriptions

Wonderful! We offer two binders. One for the printed Daily Homilies subscription and the other for the printed Daily Universal Prayer and Commentary subscription. They are both located in our online product store through the following links:

Universal Prayer and Commentary Binder

Daily Homilies Binder 

Yes. Every subscription comes with digital access to the same booklet content online. Your quarterly mailed booklets will still arrive, even if you choose not to access the online content. Notifications of online content postings have no bearing on the printed booklet mailings. 

Quarterly issues should arrive in your mailbox no later than 2 weeks before the new quarter begins. 

2024 Examples:

  • January 2024 Quarter mails in November 2023, arrives in your mailbox by December 15, 2023 
  • April 2024 Quarter mails in February 2024, arrives in your mailbox by March 15
  • July 2024 Quarter mails in May 2024, arrives in your mailbox by June 15
  • October 2024 Quarter mails in August 2024, arrives in your mailbox by September 15

There are two ways of access for all your quarterly content:

  1. The quarterly content is available to you on the website. You can search for, copy and download the quarterly content during your access period. 
  2. You will also receive emailed notification before each new quarter stating the content is posted online. You'll be able to download the monthly content from that time through the end of your subscription period or until the next quarter begins, which ever comes first. 

The expiration date on the subscription coincides with the beginning of the last paid quarter not the end of the quarter. For example: your last paid print issue is the October quarter. We mail the subscription in August, so it reaches you in a timely manner. The print portion of your subscription is then expired, however you still have daily digital access until the end of October. You will receive email notification as time approaches that will remind you it's time to renew to receive the next quarterly mailing.

After you have submitted your order, our team will link your tax exempt certificate to your subscription account and issue an invoice to be paid upon receipt.  With an open invoice comes a limited time access to the online content and the first mailed quarterly issue of the subscription. Once your invoice has been paid, you'll receive the remaining quarterly issues mailed in installments and online access through the time of the last mailed booklet.

We will send you a email notification of impending expiration before and after your last quarterly print issue is mailed, and then once more before the online access expires.

Your digital access is valid through the end of the mailing period of your last paid printed issue. Meaning, if your last paid issue is the October quarter, your daily access is valid until the end of October. 

Welcome! We're so glad you joined us! In your annual subscription you can expect 4 quarterly issues mailed to you, as well as digital access to the same content online through our Subscription Portal. The daily online access is  is valid through the end of the mailing period of your last paid printed issue.

Digital Only Subscriptions

The monthly content download files are available as a PDF or a Word .docx and are located on the right side of the Browse Material page. They are labeled "Download Month". 

Yes. Our documents are processed in protected view, so that you know they are safe. If you come across the warning at the top of the document, it is ok to click on "Enable Editing" or "Enable printing". If you don't ever see this warning, that's ok too! Contact us at with any questions related to your subcsriptions. 

The Opening and Closing prayers for the priests are now located at the beginning of each monthly Universal Prayer and Commentary download file located on the Browse Material page. 

For an annual, digital only subscription the access is valid for 365 days from the payment date. You will receive notifications by email when your credit card will be charged again for the auto renewal.

Yes. You will receive notification twice, 30 days and then again 5 days, before the upcoming auto renewal by email and will be able to change your card information at those times, if necessary.

Subscription Changes

Please login to the subscription website, proceed to the Dashboard and click on the "Edit my subscription" icon. Proceed through the subscription addition process from there.

Please email the Customer Service team to make a cancellation at